Let’s say you wanted to teach yourself basic golf techniques by learning online. There are literally hundreds of relevant videos on YouTube, articles on eHow or About.com, and blog posts offering tidbits of wisdom. But how can you decipher the good content from the bad? How do you know what order to learn in? It’s tough. In fact, 60% of the time learning online is spent sifting through content. MentorMob is reinventing the way people learn online by giving learners access to the best content from around the web organized in a step-by-step, community generated “playlist.”

Want to see the usefulness and elegance of the playlist? Check out MentorMob’s Beginners Golf Skills playlist:

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As a user experience “consigliere” at MentorMob, I’ve been involved in all aspects of front-end development for the site. My role is to ensure that the user enjoys an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing experience on the site.

Here are some of my specific contributions:

  • Improving user workflow by restructuring site architecture for the public version of MentorMob
  • Enhancing user experience through designing page mockups on Balsamiq and Photoshop
  • Generating product development insights through conducting in-person usability testing
  • Develop reusable front-end elements using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript

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